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Dipolini Hand-Dipped Gelato Bars
The hand-dipped ice cream bar market is exploding across the country and will arrive in New York this spring. You can be ready to capitalize on this rapidly growing trend and add considerable revenue to your location instantly with Dipolini Hand-Dipped Gelato Bars!

Dipolini has created a patent-pending, turn-key system which enables you to sell these highly profitable, crowd-drawing desserts with minimal space, minimal effort, and almost no investment. Our sections are simply added to your existing counter layout.

​If qualified your location would receive our entire system absolutely FREE!

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The Dipolini Hand Dipped Gelato Bar Program
The System Features:

  • 27 or 49 inch Customized Gelato Showcase
  • Patent-Pending Interior Bar Display Unit
  • Dual Chocolate Dip Warmer
  • Stainless Topping Dispenser
  • Attractive Wall-Hanging Menu Board
  • Backlit Hanging LED Window Sign
  • First Order of Undipped Gelato Bars
  • First Order of Specialty Chocolate Bar Dip

​If you already own an ice cream freezer, our display system can be easily adapted so you can sell BOTH your ice cream and our hand-dipped bars at the same time!

Dipolini Hand-Dipped Gelato Bars are the perfect revenue-generating concept for any high-traffic location with a minimum of 27 inches of space and front counter service.

​If qualified, your location would receive our entire system absolutely FREE!

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